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“Up yours and away!

Tatiana Kozlenko /Europics

An air hostess who posted a picture of herself giving her passengers the finger has been sacked by Aeroflot airline bosses in Russia after it ended up on Twitter.

Flight attendant Tatiana Kozlenko put the snap up on her personal page on Vkontakte, one of Russia’s most popular Facebook-style social networks.

Within hours the snap had clocked up dozens of ‘likes’.

But she came down to earth with a bump when the photo was posted on Twitter and reTweeted by hundreds of fans.

Aeroflot – who announced the sacking on their own Twitter account – said: “Posting this photo shows Tatiana’s attitude towards passengers and her duties. She acknowledged her fault when she spoke to her managers.”

But furious Tatiana claims it isn’t her arm in the snap – or even one of her airline’s planes.

“I don’t consider myself guilty! The photo was added to my page, I only tagged myself on it!!! The hand isn’t mine, the plane is not my company’s!!! I don’t understand what they spoil my life for!!! I’m asking you for help and support!!!” she said on her Vkontakte page.”