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An interview with the Sun after Rogue 5 won Comic Idol:

“My name’s Adam, the guy with the big guns is Tommy, our resident mc is Winston and our dark haired soul diva is Seb. I’m the leader but it’s not a big deal, it just means that I do everything… It’s tough but that’s what being the most important guy in the band is all about.”

“Me, Seb and Winston met at a weekend stage school when we were kids. I got all the parts but it wasn’t a big deal, it just meant that I did everything… It was tough. When we were 15 we decided to form a band, but something was missing.

“We met Tommy when he was fitting a kitchen for Winston’s mum. She said he did everything erotically and that maybe we should check him out. It was tough but we persuaded him. We later learned he had a background in strip dancing and Winston’s mum had actually said he did everything ‘erratically’ but it was too late… we’d already bought him a pair of boy band boots.

“A couple of weeks later we had our first gig at Seb’s school and everyone laughed at us. We had no idea it was funny but we kept being asked to perform. “Since then we’ve just finished our UK world tour, playing scout huts and working men’s clubs up and down the borough.

“Last night did get a bit messy after we were named the winners! Tommy’s the player of the group… He got a girls number and he didn’t even have to ask for it! “We danced the night away and I must admit I had a few too many wkds…

“At around midnight we got thrown out because Seb and Winston got into a fight with these two Dutch kids about who was better out of Nikki Minaj and Lil Kim but we didn’t mind… We all went back to mine and spent a couple of hours tweeting about the competition. It was great!

“We want to reach the highest heights of the music industry! We want to be up there with the greats like 911 and Ultimate Chaos.”