Some more viral fun today!

CCTV footage of a naked man who managed to lock himself out of his hotel room has gone viral on the internet.

The unidentified and unclothed man was putting plates outside of his room when the door closed behind him.

He is then shown having to walk down the hallway and past shocked fellow guests, to get to reception.

A mother is seen shielding the eyes of her young son from the startling view as the naked man enters the lift. He then proceeds through a busy lobby and to the front desk.

“I locked myself out of my hotel room,” the naked man can be heard saying to the hotel clerk.

“Do you have any ID?” the clerk responds. “I just need to see your driver’s licence.”

The impatient man replies: “How can I have a driver’s licence if I’m naked, man?”

The video has attracted almost a million hits in less than a week on YouTube. Some users have speculated that the clip is a stunt – but the man’s embarrassment certainly looks genuine.