It’s a sunny summer’s evening (a rare and welcome thing) but instead of basking in the last few rays of sunshine there is a packed audience at Jongleurs Covent Garden, waiting for a sold out night of comedy.

The prevailing theme for the night was Mothers (we’ve all got one) and Sex (we’ve all had it. I’m assuming.) And if you think about it these are topics that fit together. Where did we come from? And how did we get there? You see where I’m going.

Allyson Smith kicked off the show with her Canadian (NOT American) take on everything from the art of pole dancing to why she loves the UK. With a Britney Spears impression thrown in too, the crowd were definitely ready for an evening full of laughs.

Carrieanne “Bam” Guthrie came complete with a catchphrase. I heard many of the audience shouting “BAM” in her face as they were leaving, which in this case serves as a compliment and not an intimidating gesture. A larger than life Texan, she informed us that she’s tried losing weight but it just kept finding her, and thus we were instantly on her side for a loud and proud set.

Relative newcomer Babatunde got some of the biggest laughs. Drawing on his Nigerian background, the impressions of his parents (complete with thick Nigerian accents) had the audience in stitches. The concept is by no means new, but the material was fresh and if you like laughing you’ll like Babatunde.

As the evening went on the jokes got ruder, the crowd got drunker and the laughs got louder.

Addy van der Borgh’s set was all about relationships and the sticky (quite literally) subject of sex. There was emphasis on ‘real’ sex and not the stuff we see in films. When you’ve got the crowd laughing and also thinking “yeah that’s exactly what it’s like” you’re on to a winner.

Headline act Colin Cole got the big belly laughs with his real life observations, use of props and downright bluntness. The huge Australian doesn’t adhere to the rules of political correctness, with gags about midgets, feminine air stewards and young Swedish girls. But nothing is said with malice and the audience lapped it up.

Compere for the evening was Tom Price who took the piss out of himself as much as he did the audience. A self proclaimed posh boy with a bald patch, Tom proves that funny guys get the girls with my best friend whispering “I think I fancy him because he’s making me laugh”.

He warmed the crowd up, kept them laughing in between acts and rounded the evening off perfectly.