Room 101, the comic chat show in which a celebrity’s most hated items are thrown into the dreaded eponymous room, has been revamped for the upcoming new series.

It also appears that the shows format will see changes. In previous series, each episode featured one celebrity putting forward a selection of their most hated items in an attempt to have them cast into the dreaded Room 101, with only the host judging the credibility of their loathing.

However, from the new Series 12, it appears that each episode will feature three celebrities, “battling it out” for their pet hate to be disposed of in Room 101.

Any such format overhaul will mark a big change for the already proven Room 101 formula, having run for 88 TV episodes over 14 years with hosts Nick Hancock and Paul Merton, and 27 radio editions hosted by Hancock before that.

Frank has been away from our televisions since 2005, when he hosted The Frank Skinner Show. Having decided to go back into stand-up in 2006, Frank gained two university degrees before joining Absolute Radio in 2009. Thankfully, he returns to our screens in the form of Room 101, the six episodes of the new series will be recorded on Mondays and Wednesdays between the 10th and 26th of October at BBC Television Centre.