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Charley Viracola

Charley Viracola was born in Los Angeles, ca. raised in a theatrical family, he was acting full time in plays and commercials by the time he turned six. then, at the tender age of 17, he began his career in stand-up comedy, quickly becoming a popular, circuit headliner and opening for such top-named performers as:

James Taylor, Tim Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, Crystal Gayle, Little Teat, Leon Russell, and KT Oslin. (just to name a few).

his acting skill led him to a principle role in the cannon film, “undercover”, which was followed soon after by an appearance in an mtv video. His high energy, off-beat comedy act has been seen many times on showtime, a&e’s “comedy on the road”, the comedy channel and many other local an cable venues.

viracola’s writing credits include his book “smutlets” a risque parody of rich hall best seller, “sniglets”. He also writes for several major comedians, including the 1994 comedian of the year, carrot top. His material has been performed on such shows as:

* the tonight show
* regis and Kathy lee
* the cartoon network

currently, Charles viracola has been furthering his writing ambitions by developing several television script ideas, while keeping his other comic writing in high gear. he continues to headline comedy clubs and colleges across the country, as well as radio and TV appearances.

his versatile talents keep him open to just about any challenging project that might come his way in the entertainment field.

(KH Sep 97)

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